This website is designed for desktop and mobile but the game is designed for desktop only.

We are in the process of developing mobile Android version of the game. While we are busy doing all those hard work, feel free to play the game from your desktop.

The game was developed using unity and compiled as webGL. Some very old system might not be able to play the game.

We are a team of 2 consist of Khairul and Hilmi (programmer side of me and designer side of me). My pledge is to produce new level every week (or month) depending on how popular this site is. 

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Every level had been thoroughly calculated to make sure it has an exact answer.It was designed and calculated by an experienced engineer..

No stress

Levels are designed from easy to hard. Take your time and do it properly. You shall get the answer.

Share the word

We are new, we are fresh, we need all the helps to get the project running. Help us share the word and we promise to keep this project running with new level every week(or month).

We are born today with 2 complete level and 2 level in development. We are built using Unity and concrete5.
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